Ingham County Animal Control ANIMAL ID # – 34959 – Name – Skully

Skully, just a sweet innocent little puppy born into a life of crime and dog fighting. While Skully might have been too young to be thrown into a fight pit, knowing his upbringing he would have eventually ended up there.  While Skully escaped a life of dog fighting, he ended up growing up in an environment of neglect and abuse. Please read below about Skully and his story from the investigation report that was conducted by the Michigan Humane Society.

Skully was admitted to Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter on 6/23/17 as a court hold in conjunction with a dog fighting case.  Skully was in good physical condition.  On 2/12/18 ACO advised Vet Tech that Skully looked thin.  On 2/26/18 ACO noticed that Skully looked very thin and requested a vet exam and spoke with Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter Vet Dr. Worthington who stated that she had tried things and nothing worked.

On 3/8/18, a vet exam was performed and anxiety medications were increased. On 3/10/18 a fecal exam was positive for whipworms and the dog was treated. On 3/21/18 an Ingham Co. ACO observed Skully to be very underweight. On 3/26/18 an Ingham Co. ACO advised fellow ACO of skully condition.

On 3/26/18 Skully was taken to Southside Animal Hospital to be assessed. A history was not given to Dr. Joyce Henderson when the dog was presented to her on 3/26/18.

Southside Animal Hospital  Dr. Hendersons findings:
Skully –  2/9 on the Purina body condition scoring chart – emaciated with little appreciable fat covering and moderate muscle loss over torso and hips. Ribs and ischium are easly seen and palpated. Old injuries and scars and presure sores. Pododermatitis on paws, swollen left rear hock.

  • Skully found to be under weight 2/12/18 and then emaciated on 3/26/18 showing a continuing decline in weight once weight loss was brought to the attention of the medical staff.
  • Regular weighing and monitoring would have alerted medical staff to weight loss, allowing for a more timley response.
  • Skully had infected paws and presure sores. There is nothing noted in the Health Record that indicates that these issues were recognized or treated.
  • There is no mention of Skully’s swollen and painful right rear hock or subsequent treatment in the Health Record.
  • Skully weighed 34 lbs. on 3/26/18. On 4/23/18 Skully weighed 43.9 lbs., a weight gain of 9.9 lbs
  • Skully responded gaining weight with increased feeding and worming.