Jay Jay

Ingham County Animal Control ANIMAL ID # – 35520 – Name – Jay Jay

Look at this sweet baby! Jay Jay was absolutely beautiful. She looked a little scared but that was to be expected.  She must have been so confused as to what was going on. One thing that is immediately catches the eye, is the size of the leash they have around Jay Jay’s neck.  It did not state anywhere in the report that Jay Jay was aggressive but yet Dreamvil was deemed “very aggressive” with no restraint or large leash at all. We have no idea how long Jay Jay suffered with internal bleeding. No one will ever never know due to the lack of records. R.I.P. Sweet baby, we promise to be your voice and get justice for you.

Jay Jay was admitted to Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter on 7/27/17 as a court hold in conjunction with dog fighting investigation. This dog was in good physical condition at time of intake and weighted 39 lbs. on 8/11/17.

On 10/14/17 animal care staff advised Dr. Worthington that the dog appeared to be seizing. Dr. Worthington examined the dog, adjustments were made to the dog’s medications and the dog was to be “watched over for the next couple of days”. Later in the day the dog became comatose and non-responsive. The dog was euthanized.

A necropsy was performed on the dog at Michigan State University, with internal hemorrhaging as the finding.  The dog was screened for rodenticides and the test was negative.