Ingham County Animal Control ANIMAL ID # – 36733 – Name – Bebe

Meet Bebe

While Bebe was not rescued from the #Michigan53 dog fighting bust, she also suffered due to neglect. When BeBe came into Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter, she scored a 2 out of 9 on the body condition chart.

Bebe was admitted to  Ingham County Animal control and Shelter on 10/24/17. Bebe was examined by Dr. Worthington on 10/24/17 and was scored a 2 –  on the in house scoring chart, underweight hip bones prominent. Vertebrae much more prominent than normal. Ribs very easily palpable . Very thin on the internal body condition scoring chart. Weight 26.5 lbs.

Bebe was examined by Dr. Heideman on 10/27/17 and was scored a 2/9 on the Purina body condition scoring chart  and weighed 27.3 lbs.

On 10/25/17, a fecal exam was performed and found to be positive for whipworms. A fecal exam was performed on 12/15/17 and was negative and was prescribed metronidazol for diarrhea. On 3/10/18, Bebe was treated for whipworms along with all of the other dogs in ward 3.

On 3/27/18, ACO noticed that Bebe was extremely thin similar to her condition when taken into custody.

On 3/29/18, Bebe was examined by Dr. Anderson at Jackson County Animal Shelter and was scored a 1/9 on the Purina body condition scoring chart. She was emaciated with significant muscle loss. She had mild  dental disease and mild otitis in both ears.