Shelter aftermath: What’s next for Ingham County Animal Control?

Shelter aftermath: What’s next for Ingham County Animal Control?

By: Alysia Burgio WLNS-TV Aug 01, 2018

INGHAM COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) – Two top officials at the Ingham County Animal Shelter were ousted after results from a county investigation revealed “deep organizational dysfunction.”

Ingham County Commissioners voted to fire Animal Control Director John Dinon at Tuesday’s Board of Commissioners meeting.

At that same meeting, Deputy Animal Control Director Anne Burns announced her retirement which went in to effect on Monday.

But the question now is what happens next?

Ingham County Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw says right now Kate Turner who serves as the Customer Service and Community Outreach Manager at the shelter, has been placed as interim director. At least until the county finds replacements to fill the two positions permanently.

“I’m hoping the community realizes that we made the decision that we made and that it’s in the best interest of the shelter,” said Commissioner Crenshaw.

After county commissioners voted to dismiss Dinon of his duties for good, Commissioner Crenshaw says the county has started the process of searching for a replacement.

“We will be comprising a committee of county commissioners to do interviews, we will be working with our H.R. department to post the position. I’m assuming it will be a national search for this position so it will probably take some time,” Crenshaw stated.

Commissioner Crenshaw says the county is currently working on a “short term leadership plan” which he says should be released within the next day or so.

He also says because the county controller’s investigation showed severe organizational dysfunction, it’s crucial the commissioners find a long-term replacement that will help move the shelter forward.

“We want to make sure we bring in a leader who is going to lead the employees, lead the volunteers and be responsive to the needs of the community,” said Crenshaw.

In the meantime, Crenshaw says staff member Kate Turner is in charge at the shelter and he wants the community to know the county is working to turn the situation around.

“I just hope that the public will allow this issue to kind of lay low for a while. We do need to heal, the staff needs to heal, the community needs to heal, but I think we can start the healing process today and move forward from the situation,” Crenshaw stated.

On Wednesday afternoon, Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth assigned one of his Sergeants to act as “Interim Animal Control Director” starting on Monday.

Until then, Turner will continue in that position and will then switch over to serve as “Deputy Director” until further notice.

6 News will of course keep you updated with any new developments.