September 11, 2017 – Thank you letter from Eaton County Animal Control to Coalition members for donations.

September 11, 2017 – Thank you letter from Eaton County Animal Control to Coalition members for donations.

Eaton County Animal Control
September 11, 2017

Now that we are finally getting able to catch our breath from everything that has happened the last couple of months we want to thank everyone who has showed compassion and who has donated to our shelter dogs and the shelter itself! Our dogs have received so much love from you all and even our staff have appreciated all the kind words and help we have been given. From the abundance of food, treats, toys and bedding donations to money donations we want to give everyone a whole hearted thank you, everything is being used on and for all of our dogs in the shelter. They have become spoiled thanks to you all! A special thanks to @Save the Lansing Michigan Pit Bulls for the donations from the “#Michigan53” T-Shirt sales. Another special thank you to our two local humane societies Capital Area Humane Society and Eaton County Humane Society and to two of our local rescues Pawsibilities Rescue and Grand River Rover Rescue. These four amazing facilities help us out so much by pulling dogs from our shelter and finding forever homes for them so that we can take in more strays off the streets and keep them safe while we find their current families or new families. Thank you to Connie Kapugia and your wonderful group of friends that have helped get donations for the shelter, and for Connie’s help with transporting a beautiful Doberman to a rescue two hours away so that she could get the medical help she needed. There are also a bunch of individuals that we would love to include in this post that have sent things in anonymously or have dropped off at the shelter that we didn’t get any contact information for, if you would be so kind to message us your emails on our Facebook page so that we could thank you personally!

Our dogs and our staff have felt so much love from everyone for their help in making all of our dogs as happy and comfortable as we can make them!

I’ve added some pictures of some of the amazing donations we have received!

Thank you!

-Eaton County Animal Control and Shelter staff and dogs